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What if there is bad weather ?

Our tours run rain or shine, so please wear appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes for cobble stoned streets.

How much walking is there ?

The morning lasts 3 hours and seems to fly by. We walk no more than a mile, at a very easy pace, with lots of pauses, stopping, and (at some point) taking a seat, depending on the day’s plan.

Can you accommodate food preferences and allergies ?

Please do make us aware of allergies especially. Special food habits and exclusions can usually be accommodated, due to the wide variety of tastings on offer. As examples, a vegan will be delighted with the huge diversity of fruits & vegetables in the famers’ market, while a peanut allergy could also be accommodated for the same reason; an almond allergy will mean skipping the majority of baked goods in Provence, as almonds are cultivated in the region, and thus, an important local ingredient. Please contact us for more information. We will do our utmost to ensure safety, but are not responsible for any food reactions.

Do you accept children on the tours ? What do you charge for children ?

Almost all ages are welcomed on our tours; however, in our experience, toddlers can be problematic due to the busy farmers markets and small food shops. Children up to 10 years who are participating in tastings are charged at half price; aged 10 years + is charged at full price. (And by the way, kids love our tours as they are so interactive!).

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