Private Tours & Groups

Plenty of opportunities to experience the French “art de vivre”!

Private Tours and Groups
Private food tours can be arranged, with pleasure, in the mornings, afternoons and some Saturdays. We are always happy to accommodate special requests and are delighted to show you the Aix en Provence of your culinary dreams. Just ask!

Sample “Afternoon Tour” (2:00 – 4:00pm) – reserved for sweet tooths!
Skip your dessert at lunch and come along to the most historic pastry shop for tiny treats, to hear the story of the famous « Calisson » town candy, a stop at the artisanal chocolaterie, and a fascinating visit of modern baking methods at the colorful macaron shop. Your taste buds will be delighted with tastings at each food producer, followed by a typically French coffee or hot chocolate at one of the local’s favorite places. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and also includes a copy of the Foodies’ Guide to Aix en Provence, handed out at the end.
Price based on number of people in the group, minimum 4 people required.

Thirsty for an « Apéritif »?
Do as the locals and enjoy a pre-dinner activity, gathering a few savoury items to taste alongside some Provence wine before heading to your selected restaurant.  We’ll guide you on a mini version of our signature food tour, collecting fresh bread, artisanal cheese and hams along the way, chatting about the city’s history and stories as we go.  After visits to the “boulangerie” and “fromagerie” and other food merchants, we’ll arrive at the “caviste”, or wine shop.  We’ll perch at the counter with a local vintage, hand selected by our friendly wine merchant and learn about the most popular wine in Provence, “rosé”.  It’s always magical at the end of the day in Southern France and we’ll make sure you kick off your evening with the perfect pairing of food & wine, during what locals call “Apéro Hour”.


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